Technical data for fabrication od cabinets and modalities

Below you will find the answers to your questions.

No. We have chosen not to make a 3D configurator (which often looks more like a gas factory) but a user-friendly and flexible interface allowing you to draw from a complete catalog of standard kitchen elements but nevertheless made to measure .
All panels come from the manufacturer UNILIN. We work with the stock range, 10 references in total. The edge bandings are made of 1 mm ABS. For each furniture element, it is possible to view or download a 2D plan with all the necessary information.
As a reminder, the hardware is not provided or included in the price. You must order them yourself from the supplier of your choice. Hardware is from a variety of sources. The hinges INSERTA (attention right base plate, not crosswise) and the runners and/or drawers (with facing clip Expando) LEGRABOX are of the brand BLUM The suspension fittings for tall units are of the brand HETTICH (SAH), as well as the legs KORREKT. For FRSSING, we wrok with CABINEO of LAMELLO.
You are therefore free to choose the opening amplitude of the hinges according to your needs.
Attention: the furniture is not assembled. You remove them in pieces. By default, the assembly is done by trunnions and screws (3 mm diameter through hole except for the columns). The holes are then not through, there is 2 mm of material left).
If one side of a cabinet is visible, you can indicate not to drill any holes that protrude.
Once you have validated your project and after you have made the payment, it is received by our validation center. Your project is checked (to detect any inconsistencies) and then the programs for CNC and cutting optimization are downloaded by the partner who will start production on his machines. The manufacturing is done at the My Cabinet partner located in your province, so it is a short circuit.
Once the order has been validated by you, it can no longer be modified. You will be asked to pay the total amount plus VAT to the bank account number of the joinery partner you have chosen.
You therefore make the payment through the channel you usually use. Once you have received payment, your order is put into production. You will be able to monitor the progress of your order (red, orange and green lights). Once the order is ready, you automatically receive an email.
Yes! and this on two levels.
  1. At project level: you can enter information in a comment song but most importantly you can upload a plan or a 2D sketch of your project. We encourage you to do so because it helps us to detect possible design errors on your part.
  2. At the level of each element: as you can retrieve images and 2D plans of each element, you can then easily add (with a pencil or an image editing software) information and then scan or take a picture of the modification. and upload it by clicking on the icon upload
We do not deliver. You must come and pick up yourself at the partner located in your province. This will be an opportunity to establish contact and a professional relationship with a human being :-) and not a robotic interface!
We are listening. If the item in question deserves its place in the catalog, we will certainly consider including it. If it is a very special item, or better yet a 5-legged sheep, you can send us a plan or a sketch. We will send you an estimate but it will be charged (120 €).
We reserve access to carpenters (who, for example, do not have a workshop or the necessary machinery) and general contractors. It is therefore imperative to have a Belgian VAT number, so private individuals cannot order on MyCabinet.
  • If it is a problem of configuration or dimension of the furniture, we will have to check if the error comes from you or from us during the treatment.
  • If it is a quality problem (scratches, edge bandings, splinters etc), you will have to deal directly with the partner you know and with whom you will certainly be able to talk.
Hardware is not included in the price displayed. You receive, with the order confirmation, the list of hardware that you must purchase from one of the suppliers listed below :
Of course. You are a carpenter like any other and have a VAT number. That said, many trades, such as plumbers, electricians, painters, contractors and others, will from time to time be able to find what they are looking for and order custom furniture on this platform.
Because we and our partners are carpenters like you and we know our business. We can also deliver quality and pay attention to detail and a job well done. Why should materials dealers do their clients' business?
We can. We have specialized in 3D CAD for interior design and cabinet makers for over twenty years. Our application woodLAB STUDIO is the one we recommend.